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Roman Lippe Route

The longest river in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Lippe, invites you to find out about its interesting past and be taken on a historical journey of discovery. Throughout the ages, this river has had a lasting influence on the places and inhabitants along its banks. Even the Romans understood its significance. Along its gentle meander, the Lippe connects five regions in one of Germany's most multifaceted federal states: the Teutoburger forest, the Sauerland and Münsterland, the Ruhr Metropolis and the Lower Rhine.

The Lippe, a river worth discovering, is now getting a top-quality cycle route along its path: The Römer-Lippe-Route (Roman Lippe Route)! This is the new destination for cyclists, nature lovers and all visitors who are interested in Roman culture, water experiences and European history.

The Römer-Lippe-Route (Roman Lippe Route) begins at the Hermanns monument in Detmold, accompanies the Lippe from its source to its confluence with the Rhine, and connects exciting Roman sites with pleasant green meadowlands and hitorically appealing inner cities all the way to its destination point in Xanten. Whether you are on the 295 km long main route or one of the 154 km long thematic loops: Experience history in flow!

Request a brochure on the Roman Lippe Route now at +49 (0)1805 - 18 16 20 (0.14 €/min. from German landlines; 0.42 €/min. maximum from mobile phones)!

Click here for the Römer-Lippe-Route website.

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