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About Ruhr Tourism

"Ruhr Tourismus GmbH" (RTG), founded April, 29 1998 with the intention to combine product management, marketing and sales is in charge of the overall development and promotion of Ruhr wide activities in the Metropolis Ruhr.

So, what do we offer you specifically? In addition to the activities in marketing, the company operates their own tour operator. A variety of cooperation possibilities are offered, such as marketing and sales in the print and online area or the development and organization of packaged tours.

The main goal of the RTG is to develop an independent regional image to promote the Metropolis Ruhr as a modern and new destination. As an information center, RTG is the central point of contact in the area - also a challenge: coordinating the network of 53 cities in the area.

The overall control of the following projects and events lies in the hands of the RTG:

>> RuhrtalRadweg
>> Römer-Lippe-Route
>> RuhrKunstMuseen
>> ExtraSchicht
>> Tag der Trinkhallen

The sole shareholder of the RTG is >> Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR)

Customers expect fast, qualitative and easily-accesible information, offers and booking procedures from a destination, whereas the touristic intermediaries and service providers call for effective strategies and added value.

Therefore, RTG's activity area is as diverse as the cities in the metropolis:

•  Constant development of the brand "Metropolis Ruhr", Brad Design and Management

•  Strategic and themend marketing in cooperation with intermediaries

•  Quality management - supervision and support

•  Market Research - trends, controlling of business success and improvement of business plan

Continuous service RTG offers its private and public partners:

•  Various service platforms for marketing and sales purposes

•  Strong intermediary and marketing alliances to strengthen the brand "Metropolis Ruhr"

•  Development and support of brand relevant product lines fpr the core topics:
   •  City- and Cultural-Trips
   •  Sports, Fun and active Leisure
   •  MICE

•  Services rendered:
   •  Information forums
   •  Inland (port) communication network
   •  Consulting of partners concerning touristic issues
   •  Member of NRW-Tourist Board
   •  Representation of regional interest on national level